Specialized care for ADHD and related disorders

Providing consultation, psychoeducational evaluation and treatment services for children, adolescents, young aduts and parents.

Attention disorders have many names. You may have heard them called ADD, ADHD, or Executive Functioning Disorder. Regardless of their title, attention disorders always take a toll on a person's ability to successfully meet developmentally appropriate expectations at home and in school. With hundreds of studies being published annually, a great deal is known about attention disorders. Yet, despite our increased knowledge, misunderstanding and confusion about the nature, presentation, evaluation and treatment of attention disorders remains quite widespread, compromising the care children and adolescents receive. Diagnostic practices for attention disorders are often too brief and fail to provide the comprehensive understanding necessary to address a child's or adolescent's needs. Treatments that have been disproven or unproven are frequently recommended. But, perhaps the most significant obstacle jeopardizing successful long term outcomes is the lack of a designated care manager, someone with the responsibility and ability to coordinate, integrate and monitor the effectiveness of educational, medical and behavioral interventions. We are committed to providing comprehensive evaluation and treatment services not only for those who have ADHD, but also for children, adolescents, young adults and parents struggling with learning, anxiety, depression, behavior or relationships.